Our Expertise

We provide an array of home renovation services. From additions, to repairs and overall general maintenance of your home, we always aim to serve to the best of our abilities. We stand firmly behind fair pricing and it’s our promise to deliver accurate estimates for the job required.

In addition to our dedication, we also encourage you to take part in the process. It is your home after all, and your input will ensure that we’re all in this together to bring your vision to a reality.

For a comprehensive list of home renovation services that we offer, take a look below.

Home Renovation

We cover everything from kitchens, basements, and living rooms.

We’ll install and furnish entire basements suites whether you’re seeking to renovate, convert, or finish: including walls, floors, stairs, painting, and more.
We’re happy to help you renovate your bathroom whether you have a new look in mind, need a new shower, counters or sinks.
Whether you’re installing a new laminate floor or replacing tiles, our army of dedicated penguins will ensure you’ll never fall through the ice.
Garages can serve a multitude of purposes so if you’re looking to enclose the space, add new storage units, or even convert and furnish a new workshop or living room, we’re more than delighted to give you a hand.
From countertops to prepare your ingredients to stoves, refrigerators, or a walk-in pantry, the kitchen is one of the most important and busiest areas of the home and we can help you build it.
Need additions, installations, railings, or repairs for your stairs? Or is that trick step preventing you from sneaking out in the middle of the night? Let the slippery penguins here at JNL help make your trips up and down your stairs as smooth and silent as the bellies we slide on!

Repairs & Restoration

We provide replacement, repair, and installation services.

When it comes to home electrical wiring and appliances, your safety is our utmost priority. JNL ensures commitment to your home’s safety with certified and knowledgeable technicians handling all of your electrical renovations and repairs.
Sprung a leak or has your hot water tank begun to show its age? Our experienced technicians can install, replace, and fix all of your plumbing needs whether it’s a new sink, leaky pipes, or just replacing old tiles.
Put a hole in your drywall? Our non-judgemental penguins will be right over to patch that up for you. No fuss no muss.
We have a wide variety of affordable but high quality materials to choose from for your fencing needs and if you are looking to keep those pesky seals out of your yard.
We can install or upgrade decks and steps for your next outdoor living project whether you’re looking for help choosing materials, styles, or maintenance.
We can repair and install sidings for your home whether it’s a town-home or single family unit.

Photo Gallery

If you're wondering if JNL Reno is right for your job, feel free to take a look at our photo gallery, showcasing the results of some of our favourite projects.

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